Despite 2018 being a record year in Japanese outbound M&A activity, only 11% of Japanese companies admit to a successful post-M&A process. The following reoccurring questions from top executives across a wide range of European companies indicate some of the underlying frustrations and challenges:


  • ‘Who are the real stakeholders?’
  • ‘How do you identify the real stakeholders?’
  • ‘Our partner’s company is like a black box – we have no idea what is happening within it’
  • ‘Decision-making is very ambiguous’
  • ‘How do you navigate and influence decision-making processes?’
  • ‘Our meetings are often inefficient and unproductive. What are they really saying?’
  • ’What is their plan?’
  • ‘How do we move on from extreme attention to detail to transparent strategic planning?’


One of our recent projects involves work with Canon Inc. and their international acquisitions. The aim of the project was to:


  • better understand the reasons why other Japanese-European M&As have not been more successful in the post-M&A processes
  • determine what steps to take to increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Combining our hands-on experience from projects with research and 20 years’ practical experience, we have accumulated a wealth of insight about the business challenges with the Japanese M&A process. To help you, Glisby & Associates functions as your sparring partner, offering strategic and pragmatic advice on how to deal with the Japanese post-M&A challenges.