Since 2005 we have successfully designed and facilitated Japan workshops for more than 2,000 executives across the world. Our workshop approach avoids any attempt to fit organisations and human beings into predefined culture models or categorisations. Rather, we take as our point of departure actual business situations and then apply our twenty years of experience, research and insider know-how to effectively navigate the challenges. In addition to this, conventional workshops about Japanese business culture invariably assume a Western position and look at Japan from the outside and in. In our workshops, we uniquely include the perspectives from Japanese counterparts, which will offer surprising and different ways of viewing the situation.

Based on feedback from more than 2,000 past workshop participants we have identified four overarching issues which we as a result make central to our workshops:  

  1. How to communicate effectively with Japanese partners
  2. How to influence decision-making processes in Japanese organisations
  3. How to understand trust, networking and relationship building from a Japanese perspective
  4. How to align strategy and planning with Japanese counterparts


Our clients represent three key sectors with strong M&A links with Japanese companies:

Pharma: Genmab, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck Pharma, ALK Abello etc.

Software technology: Milestone Systems, KMD, Arcules Inc. etc.

Energy: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Mitsubishi Vestas Offshore Wind etc.


Recently, we were commissioned by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation to prepare specialist reports distilling the accumulated insights from our workshop insights into reports. For further information contact Glisby & Associates.